Friday, 8 April 2011

A Smile

Hands clap in joy,
After they had once struck a cheek.
Mouths open to laugh,
After they had once open to hurt.

A girl, who sits down as she wails,
Clasping a red cheek,
Squeezing a broken heart.
The laughing seems to taunt her,
The clapping echoes in the empty hall.

But a wanderer from the crowd eager to redem himself,
Goes to the girl.
He picks her up,
He smiles.

The girl stares at him,
The river of tears stop,
The laughing and the clapping stop.
All there is left is a smile,
Soft and sweet.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

For Friends and Family

If my chance came to wish on a star,
For treasure, I would wish not.
Pearls, rubies, diamonds and emeralds,
Will not fill my heart with boundless joy or happiness.

Eternal life, I would not crave
For then I would wither away like a flower, rejected.
I would have to see too many things,
If I were to keep my eyes open for all those days gone by.

For my friends and family,
That they will live long and meaningful lives,
The thought of that is worth much more,
Than treasure and eternal life combined.